Monday, December 19, 2005

The Art of Freedom

"The positive nature of people can be reduced to nothing less than what man could achieve. Through the deep, gloomy stages of humanity, we have embraced a concept which precedes all form of rational and irrational paths to reason and empiricism. What can be done about the growing fear of an eternity without freedom?

As the doctrines flow through our ages, and the philosophical conquests of virtue seem fit to desire, the world sits back and scoffs at ones who seek greatness. The beings of leverage are prominent to mask all of what man has, and what can be attributed to man. This ideal positive nature seems fit to only bargain with some self-worth or some self dignity which can be transformed into the spirit of freedom. Without desperation we find we are lost and our own worth is defeated as we continue to reform the abstract possibilities into the most envied sentiment which has graced this planet. How can we acknowledge man if we cannot acknowledge freedom? Does the infinite possibilities of imagination subdue our inherent drive and recognition of how we live freely amongst one another? If there is hope and there is a pursuant path to travel upon a dangerous journey, then it shall and should be done in the name of the ideals which we hold so close to ourselves and which demonize others with jealousy and hurt. What is a world to live without a world to live within freely?"



Anonymous said...

Your polemics upon freedom are quite fascinating. Yet in your idealistic world, is freedom even remotely attainable for half of the globe? Your inadequacy to grasp with realism and your cumbersome way of voicing your beliefs leave me nothing but dismal disillusioned rhetoric. And you failed on the fundamental level before your premise: How do you define freedom?

Freedomnow said...

Get a dictionary. If you are too cheap then go to

Over and out...