Friday, February 03, 2006

Cry Me A River Mohhamed

The recent indignation coming from the Muslim world is innately showing the global community how the Middle East population ultimately views their culture in the world; which is, unfortunately, a selfish, and inconsiderate, naïve view that is normatively silent in hate against humanity, except when it is placed upon them in the form of a cartoon. This ire is in lieu of the recent political cartoon published in a Danish newspaper, which essentially alleged that the Prophet Mohamed was a terrorist. It pictured him wearing a turban that had a lit fuse at the top of the garment.

All hell has now broken loose in the Middle East. From top Muslim clerics calling for beheadings, to militant groups sending out threats to citizens of Denmark and Norway, and to even masked gunmen raiding the European Union office in the Gaza City, the Muslim community has gone bonkers. After threatening the Danish and Norwegian citizens, one militant leader said, "We are calling on the citizens of the two countries to take this threat seriously because our cells are ready to implement this all over Gaza.”

Wow! They wish to implement terror; beheadings, destruction, chaos, and fear into the citizens of a country that had one newspaper’s political cartoonist satirically embrace the Prophet Mohamed as a terrorist. What can be said of this? Well now that the world is watching a lot of true revelations have come forth about the Muslim society.

First, this in fact proves how egotistical the leaders and the people in that region really are. Why do they spark huge protests and express complete discontent about a satirically driven cartoon published in a paper about their religious leader, when they never spark huge protests or express discontent of the terrorism that is going on around the world? Where was this incitement and zeal after 9/11 happened, or after the Madrid bombings, or after the London bombings? There was no outrage from the leaders or violent protests in the street calling for the beheadings of the terrorists. There was a dead, ominous silence coming from the Middle East that was ironically deafening. The fact that the Muslim world thinks anyone is going to give a damn how they react to a political cartoon, shows us that they are in desperate need of fulfilling their narcissistic aims at believing in their righteous superiority of “sensitivity” or “political correctness.” The deeper concern is that the Muslim world has no respect or regard for calling for the complete annihilation of Israel, or comparing Sharon to Hitler in Muslim newspapers. The double standard is rooted in ethnocentricity and a fundamental Islamic belief that the world would be better served without the nation of Israel. It’s uncanny that the Muslim community can become this upset over a cartoon but not over the massacre of innocent civilians in other countries or the other demoralizations of other religions coming from their very own region.

If there is any justification for persecution of ANY citizenship or religion, it would have had to come about after 3,000 Americans were slaughtered on their own soil on 9/11. Did anyone in the Bush administration actively say that we need to reprimand or take violent action against the Muslim community since it was carried out by them? No. In fact Bush flew some Muslims out of the country for their own safety, because of some radical morons who already were racist against Muslims before the attack even happened. No one was calling for violence to a citizen of Middle Eastern descent. And this was over the biggest terrorist attack in history where innocent people were actually murdered in large numbers. No one was physically hurt from this cartoon, but now the Muslim leaders wish to hurt people as a result of it being published.

Can you even imagine this scenario in reverse? Can you imagine what would happen if a major Muslim paper published the Pope in some terrible demeaning manner? Here’s what would happen. The Christian Right and the religious extremists would be up in arms about the insensitivity of the Muslim newspaper. They would advocate for a boycott and maybe speak out against the actual publication itself. But what if the Christian Right began to assail the Muslim community in general? What if high Catholic bishops called for the beheading of the people who did it, or called for militant groups to storm any Muslim related shop in the US and hold them up at gunpoint in protest of what some newspaper organization published? The liberals in this country would be on every talk radio and TV show denouncing these actions so frequently, that all the planned parenthoods, environmental protests, and welfare programs would shut down for a week. So where are the liberals condemning this reaction in the Middle East now?

The fact is this; the Muslim community must understand that if they want their fury to be respected, then they must be consistent in 1) condemning the terrorist attacks with just as much enthusiasm and 2) condemning the same ethnocentric treatment they harm the Jewish people with. Also, the freedom of speech must be protected even if it does offend people to the greatest extent. The selfishness within the Muslim population is overwhelming and the inconsideration they demonstrate around the world is scarily expectable.


Freedomnow said...

Is it no surprise? Look at the tactics of the Intifada. From Algeria to Palestine to Chechnya to Pakistan to Indonesia to the Phillipines.

The culture of violence rules the Islamic world. Many are looking for an excuse to wage all out Holy War on the world's infidels.

They are drunk on the power that 9/11 made them feel.

CaptainAmerica said...

It's no suprise to sane-minded conservatives who have the capacity to understand the deep hatred and inflexibility that region has upon its stability and desire for the destruction of the West.

I was merely writing this article for the disenfranchised liberals of our day who are oblivious to the paradox which is embedded in their ideology of liberalism, and the sentiment of Islamic-Fundamentalism.

Freedomnow said...

Islamists are against everything that liberals stand for.

People who call themselves liberals dont know what the word means...

CaptainAmerica said...

Yes I know, but it seems as though they cheerlead the Muslim World by reocgnizing their innocence while at the same time condemning the US as an Evil Empire...which fullills a deep psychological need to some extent for their own self-worth and self-dignity.

Commie Knight said...

Be that as it may, please understand the difference between ordinary Muslims and Islamofascists. While there is no doubt that certain sects of Islam advocate the genocide of non-Muslims, I definitely do not think most Muslims are inclined to agree. Why do so many Islamic people immigrate to the United States, Canada, and Western Europe? Clearly you don't think all of them are assassins and spies!

For one thing your comparison of Muhammed with the Pope was a bad analogy, as Jesus would make a better comparison for the purpose of your analogy. After all, Jesus, like Muhammed are both declared to be the founders and greatest prophets of their respective religions, and remember that not all Christians are Roman Catholic. Anyways, suppose an Arab newspaper showed Jesus in a purple polka dot dress. Surely, Christians would be offended, but they would probably not act as visciously as Muslims did. Nonetheless, there is no denying that many Christians would advocate violence (the Catholic Church probably not, nor would ordinary Christians, but the Christianazis would!). How could you ignore people and groups such as Jerry Falwell, Fred Phelps, Pat Robertson, and KKKristian KKKoalition? The difference is not that one religion is necessarily more evil than the other, but more likely one of socio-political climate. The West (Europe and North America) is far more secularized than the Koran Belt (Morroco to Indonesia), having had a Rennaissance and Enlightenment which the Islamic civilization never had. Contrast this with countries like Iran, Afghanistan (pre-2002), Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia, all ruled by religious totalitarianism, rather than secularized democratic republics. Remember that in the Middle Ages, it was the Christian world, which was seen as backwards and barbaric and the Islamic world which was socially and intellectually progressive. Today, the situation has been reversed ironically.