Thursday, May 04, 2006

Illegal Immigrants Have No Rights, comprende?

The other day, while watching the fair and balanced Fox News channel, an immigrant (presumably illegal) was giving an interview with a Fox News reporter in Los Angeles. The man vehemently insisted that illegal immigrants should have all the same rights as American citizens because of a two reasons. First, as he rattled off his apparent minimal knowledge of American history, he argued that when the Pilgrims came to America, the Native Americans never asked for legal documentation. Second, he said that illegal immigrants should have all the rights of American citizens because after all, they just come here to work. The media and left-wing politicians today do not seem to understand that ‘illegal’ should be in front of ‘immigrant rights’ as they attempt to equalize law-abiders and criminals.

Now, sane-minded American citizens quickly realize the idiocy behind these two justifications. The first fails to recognize that there was in fact no institutionalized government or system of laws within North America when the Puritans came to this land. The Puritans furthermore did not reap health care and education benefits from the ‘tax-paying’ Native Americans. The second fails to acknowledge the sovereign right of a nation-state to deny citizenship to an illegal alien. It also usurps the Constitution, gives way to enhanced terrorist activity, and not to mention costs billions of taxpayers dollars. That’s right folks, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, illegal immigrants cost our government 10.4 billion dollars every year. Hardworking American citizens’ are funding illegals education and health care because they are criminals who choose not to come here legally and know that they will not have to pay taxes by doing so.

So again, what is all this talk about illegal immigrant rights? Is the term not contradictory in and of itself? If I commit an illegal act in society, many of my rights will be stripped of me because I have broken the ‘social contract’ with the state. But wait a second; these illegal immigrants are not even part of our state to begin with. They are entitled to nothing in this country. Besides the fundamental human rights all individuals should be entitled to, which is essentially ‘life’, illegal immigrants are entitled to absolutely nothing according to the supreme law of the land, or the Constitution. Last I checked, the 14th Amendment dictates what is granted and guaranteed to the citizens of this great country, not to people who knowingly break a federal law by coming to America illegally.

The protests calling for ‘immigrants rights’ and ‘amnesty’ are not only absurd, but they are also a great way for the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to arrest many of the illegal aliens in this country. When the government knows large numbers of illegal immigrants will be allocated into one rally in a major city, it is the federal government’s job to go out to the rally and ask these protestors for their legal documents. Besides, the illegal immigrants have absolutely no right to be protesting any American piece of legislation to begin with as they are clearly not American citizens.

So what is the conclusion again of illegal immigrant’s rights in America? Aside from human dignity and respect of human rights, they should have nothing. Not a job, not education, not health care, and certainly not false documents. Businesses that hire illegal aliens should have sanctions and a heavy fine placed upon them. The illegal immigrants should be grateful that the US government is considering passing a guest worker program to allow these people to get on a path towards citizenship and work legally in America. But make no mistake about it, we are talking about people who broke US federal law; they deserve nothing from America.


Commie Knight said...

No surprise that you do not want to provide rights and benefits to illegal aliens. (What about space aliens? Haha just kidding!)

But seriously, do you, a laissez faire capitalist, have any right to complain? I propose a soultion. All business owners should be forced to pay illegal aliens the same wage as they pay everyone else. Stupid idea, huh? Actually, the whole reason why companies even hire illegal aliens is because they no they could get away with paying them less! And in this capitalist society of ours, since the goal is to make a buck, why not hire illegals? They could pay workers less to maximize profit! But if Walmart was forced to pay illegal immigrants minimum wage (or whatever they pay US Citizens and legal immigrants) and give full-time illegal workers the same benefits including insurance, then maybe, just maybe, corporations like Walmart will lose any incentive to hire illegals in the first place! Why pay Javier Sanchez (who speaks 20 words of English) $6.00/Hr when you could pay Bob Bilson $6.00/Hr and not worry about linguistic barriers?

I wonder how you, an L-F capitalist, intend to fix a problem arising from capitalism with your philosophy minimum of governemnt intervention in commerce intend to fix the problem? Is it a solution which doesn't entail spending American tax dollars to hire more border patrol officers, arm them with M-16 assault rifles, build watch towers, fenses, even walls? Walls which go down deep enough to prevent tunneling (which is an oft-employed method)? My point is why invest so much in keeping people out of our borders, when we could instead try an even more preventive solution? Do any of your fellow Republicans have plans to make Mexico a better country, so that its citizens will be less desperate to illegally immigrate?

Freedomnow said...

I would heartily agree that employers should pay at least minimum wage to illegal aliens. However, employers are not the ones complaining about illegal aliens. Such employers would be acting against their own best interests if they were to campaign against illegal immigration.

The problem you have is that you think capitalism is a monolithic entity.

Under a democratic model capitalism is represented by a diverse mix of groups, each with their own agenda.

This promotes healthy competition, which in turn maximizes production. So this is why it is no surprise that L-F capitalist countries have dynamic economies while countries with too much government interference become stagnant.

It is obvious from your comment that you do not understand this concept. Humanity has yet to discover a higher law of nature that renders competition obsolete. In the meantime we will continue to be imperfect, while totalitarian societies lay claim to perfection and suppress those that dissent.

Commie Knight said...

Humanity has yet to discover a higher law of nature that renders competition obsolete.

There does not have to be a magical law that states that competition is gone. If you actually read Marx and Engels, they never make such generalizations on human nature. Also, are you going to boycott corporations like Walmart, or are you going to continue supporting illegal immigration at the command of your god, the almighty dollario?

CaptainAmerica said...

There does not have to be a magical law that states that competition is gone. If you actually read Marx and Engels, they never make such generalizations on human nature.

Oh come now, commie knight. It is explicitly implied heavily throughout Das Kapital AND the Communist Manifesto.

"The lower strata of the middle class -- the small tradespeople, shopkeepers, and retired tradesmen generally, the handicraftsmen and peasants -- all these sink gradually into the proletariat, partly because their diminutive capital does not suffice for the scale on which Modern Industry is carried on, and is swamped in the competition with the large capitalists, partly because their specialized skill is rendered worthless by new methods of production."-Communist Manifesto

"The growing competition among the bourgeois, and the resulting commercial crises, make the wages of the workers ever more fluctuating."-Communist Manifesto

And here's the kicker...

"In countries where modern civilization has become fully developed, a new class of petty bourgeois has been formed, fluctuating between proletariat and bourgeoisie, and ever renewing itself a supplementary part of bourgeois society. The individual members of this class, however, as being constantly hurled down into the proletariat by the action of competition, and, as Modern Industry develops, they even see the moment approaching when they will completely disappear as an independent section of modern society, to be replaced in manufactures, agriculture and commerce, by overlookers, bailiffs and shopmen."-Communist Manifesto

Freedomnow said...

Oh Lord, blessed be the almighty dollar. I give my first born on to you.


Commie Knight said...

LOL, Dude!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »