Thursday, October 05, 2006

Democrats Support Voter Fraud

With less than a month before the Congressional mid-term elections, the Republicans are looking less than capable to sustain their dominance in the structure of the federal government. Keeping this in mind, the Republicans are now beginning to push through legislation that cracks down on illegal immigration. The response from the Democrats has been nothing new, as they continue to reject even the most moderate of immigration reform proposals from the Republicans. The most recent of these proposals was entitled the Voter ID Bill. The recent passage of the House Voter ID Bill shows to the entire country what the Democratic Party is truly in support of: voter fraud.

The Voter ID Bill would merely require Americans to verify proof of citizenship in order to vote. It requires that every citizen show a photo ID before casting their ballot in the 2008 election. As a fellow libertarian myself, someone who neither identifies as Republican or Democrat, this seems like a pretty reasonable proposition. I figured that this legislation had passed rather easily through the House because of the practical components behind the bill. Yet, low and behold, I was proven wrong. The vote was almost directly party-line, with the Democrats voting against it and the Republicans for it, 228-196. Just when I thought the Democrats couldn’t get any weaker on the immigration debate, they go ahead and vote against a bill that protects every citizen’s right to vote. After all, a photo ID is not an unreasonable request whatsoever.

When you go to the movies, you must provide a photo ID. When you go to the airport, you must provide a photo ID. When you apply for a job, or buy alcohol, or even cash a check, you must provide a photo ID. Why then is it so wrong to ask for a photo ID before you cast a vote in an election which could determine the future of the country? If the Democrats had their way, an illegal immigrant could more easily vote in our republic and corrupt our system of governance. So allowing illegal immigrants to vote in our representative democracy is not only wrong in principle, but it also damages the integrity of our beloved republic.

Indeed, the sweetest irony of it all is the verbal outrage of the Democrats of voter fraud in past elections. They cried ‘voter fraud’ against the Republicans in 2000 and in 2004, yet now they vote against a measure which will help ensure that only citizens be allowed to vote. So who is engaging in the real apparent advocacy of voter fraud? To any rational being, it is the Democrats.

The initial criticism against the bill came straight from the Democratic playbook of plastic surgery-princess Nancy Pelosi and company. They cried, “But what about the poor people who cannot afford ID cards!” This criticism was quickly silenced when they learned that the bill stipulates that states must provide the identification cards free of charge to those who can't afford them.

So what is the real motivation behind the Democrats? It is that they want illegal immigrants’ votes to count, because they would most likely vote Democratic if given the chance. Wait, I thought the conventional wisdom taught that it was only the Republicans who would sacrifice the security and integrity of the state for their own personal interest and gain? It seems to me that the old cliché of ‘culture of corruption’ in the Republican Party has now been replaced with the Democratic Party and their ‘culture of contradiction,’ in reference to decrying voter fraud in one election, then propagating it for the next. The reprehensible actions of the Democrats are nothing but shameful and hypocritical.

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